Opulence galore at the First Ripley’s museum at St. Augustine, Florida

You must’ve heard a lot about Robert Ripley. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” museums will be a better reminder. Being an avid traveler, the eccentric collector traveled to countries like India, the Orient, and China to discover odd items. Here are some not so disgusting priceless pieces of art from the First Ripleys museum at St. Augustine, Florida. The million-dollar man: money, they say, is one piece of paper that will never see the dustbin. But that didn’t stop designer Jim Shore of St. Augustine Florida from macerating a million dollars to make this not so pretty mannequin, or maybe himself. It looks like Robert Ripley wasn’t the only eccentric rich man around! Rollover to read about the Gem castle……

The Gem Castle: An Italian masterpiece originally owned by Nat Ancell of Ethan Allen, the gem castle is made with over 2000 semi precious stones like jade, agate, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, and malachite. It was recovered from an old Ethan Allen warehouse in 1994. A splendid monument and a beautiful exhibit to gape at indeed!

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