Orogourmet’s gold and silver garnishing for an opulent meal

Sprinkling food items with real gold flakes is a luxury only few are entitled to. For such opulent few who love that taste of gold in every bite, the Orogourmet is definitely for you. Orogourmet offers edible gold and silver in the form of sheet and salts for folks who wish to add a dash of opulence to every dish or drink. Decorate any or all your food with these salts or sheets and transform you meal into a lavish spread. Food will definitely never be the same again once you sprinkle it with these luxurious ingredients. Besides adding a unique taste to every bite, these luxurious ingredients will also enhance the look and beauty of every item.

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The Orogourmet sheets and salts will make any dish be it sushi, chocolate or even champagne sparkle and shine with luxury. Perfect for those with a Midas appetite, the Orogourmet gold and silver sheets and salts are definitely a class apart.