Orra showcases Lord Ganesh idol made of 514 carat diamond

As Indian economy soars in the world markets, it’s not just the citizens who are wallowing in diamonds and riches but the Gods as well. Known for their extravagant lifestyles, Indians spare nothing when it comes to pleasing their God. Hence, it is no wonder that the world’s richest God resides here. Amongst the millions of gods and goddesses that are worshiped here, Lord Ganesha stands apart. It is widespread to see jewelers selling Ganesh idols made of gold and silver here. Giving competition to these jewelers is a diamond company, Orra, that has created an idol of Lord Ganesha made of 514-carat diamond! Currently being showcased in Pune’s city, this idol is made of a single piece of diamond and was found in one of Orra’s factories in Africa by a foreigner. The foreigner was awestruck by the resemblance of the diamond to the Indian God. This sparkling idol is probably the biggest Ganesh idol made in Diamond ever.

According to Vijay Jain, CEO of Orra, the diamond hasn’t been polished and displayed in its original form. A wonderful and unique piece, this diamond idol will surely attract a lot of buyers.

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