Own a share of Pabst Brewing Co. for $250,000

How would you like to own a brewing corporation? More specifically Pabst Brewing Co. in Milwaukee? Well, though you may not be able to own the entire brewery, it is now possible for you to own a part of it by paying $250,000. When you pay that kind of money, you would get a certificate of ownership and also a lifetime’s supply of PBR. It is part of a crowd-sourcing strategy through which Pabst Brewing Co. is searching for potential owners.

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You could also pledge as little as $5, $25 and $100 if you cannot afford $250,000. However, I doubt you would get the lifetime supply of beer if you pay such peanuts. So go ahead and pay a quarter million and own a part of this brewery! If you would like to own the entire Pabst Brewing Co., you would have to shell out a mind boggling $300 million. You can also check the world’s most expensive beers which we had written about just a few days earlier.
Via: Uncrate

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