Panasonic’s high-tech Robotic Bed transforms into a mobile chair

Okay, I have to admit it; I am one of the laziest persons in the world. Call me a couch potato or simply lethargic, but even the task of getting up from my bed to the couch seems too much for me. And just when I thought nobody understands us lazy folks’ needs, I came across this new creation from Panasonic. The geniuses over at Panasonic have created a robotic bed that will please every couch potato out there. At the click of a button, the bed turns into a chair while you sit in it, and then can wheel around your apartment without you ever needing to stand! The canopy is fitted with a television and plugs into the home network so you can control home appliances and view security cameras. Essentially designed for people with limited mobility, it will surely attract many lazy folks. The Robotic Bed will be unveiled for the first time at the Tokyo Big Sight show on September 29th.

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