Paul Smith’s Limited Edition chess set is an X-mas gift for the genius

Ah, the charm of Limited Editions. It can turn anything into an object of desire. But a few things are above these mortal definitions. Behold the chess set from Paul Smith. Hand-made in black and white checks, the set’s features exude the back in the time charm. Whether it’s the multi-stripe leather trim around the base, the leather black and white check with a red outline and white contrast stitching on the board, the perfect-finished wooden chess pieces, or the embossed black leather envelop case for the board. The Paul Smith signia only adds to its aura of being a limited piece. It may be yet another object of art, which captures the character of Paul Smith’s humorous approach to the design of everyday objects, with the bold use of color and quality in detail.

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But for $900, it’s your license to flaunt and win – chess skills are secondary.

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