Pay the price to freeze your brain or body and live forever

When John Donne penned his famous poem, “Death Be Not Proud,” little did he know that man would one day literally overpower “death.” Yes, believe it or not, a Russian cryonics company KrioRus, seems to have a solution for all those who wish to cheat death. The solution includes freezing your brains until the evolution of such future technology that will allow the brain to be transplanted into a new body and resuscitated. KrioRus believes the brain operates like a computer hard-drive, and its contents can be frozen and stored for the future. Sounds freaky? Not to all. The company reportedly already has stored four full bodies and eight people’s heads in liquid nitrogen-filled metal vats. The fee for freezing the brain is 10,000 dollars, while the full-body freeze is priced at $30,000.

While a few are kept at home by their client’s relatives, most are lumped together in containers at the firm’s rusting warehouse. Danila Medvedev, who runs KrioRus, says, “You would just need to launch their hearts… then you have a person who is living again”. He further adds, “Once you can do that kind of nano-surgery at the cellular level… you can take a person from cryo-stasis; warm him up gradually, and then he will be alive.”
The company that was launched in 2005 and had 30 clients, who wish to have their brains or bodies frozen, is deemed a fraud by many. But until nano-technology is developed further, we will never know whether this was a scam.

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