Personal Cremation Urns can be modeled to memorialize loved ones

The concept of a personalized cremation urn is probably not new to us, but an urn modeled from a mere photo is definitely a novelty. Apparently, a company called Personal Cremation has created the concept of Urns for Ashes, a personalized cremation urn made to resemble the favorite hero or celebrity admired by the deceased. The urn is constructed out of a tough polymer compound, perched on a solid marble base. All it takes is a couple of photos of any person’s face, possibly a side snap included. The deceased’s family can also have an urn personalized to resemble the face of their loved ones so that they could keep them close to their hearts all the time.

While many might find this idea to be a bit too cheesy, there are going to be a some who will be quite fond of the idea. Personalizing an urn does come at a steep price, that of $2,600.
[Cremationsolutions and Gizmodo]