Philips unveils a New Mouse with a Bad Name SPM8713

Exoticism and Excellence are the two brand stamps of Philips. The fortunate arrivals this time are the mice and keyboard lineups. To start with, we would make the gracious mention of the SPM8713 1,600 DPI laser mouse, which was designed on the small side to cater to laptop users, and the “soft silicon cushions” purportedly keep that cramped hand a bit more comfortable. Along the same lines, we have another scoop; SPM7711 with the selling point of “one-year battery life.” following this, another model that thumps is SPM4701 with a sleek, black design and internal LED optics. SPM4700 is no less surprising with 1,000 DPI…Phew! Ending the glory of the newly unleashed storm, here comes another bingo which compliments the SPM4701 with a dashing keyboard which claims of having drainage holes that can resist some accidental spillage. I would say Technology At Its Best!

Check out for its launch in the US and Asia somewhere around in May. No word on pricing but that would be equally grand.

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