Piaggia Jet transformed into an exceptional work of art – Cacciatore di Stelle

Mimmo Paladino, the world-famous Italian artist, has transformed the Piaggia P.180 Avanti II Jet into an amazing and jaw-dropping masterpiece. The private jet distinguishes being the only one in the world to be turned into a work of art. Commissioned by Piaggia Aero Industries, the Italian aircraft manufacturer, Paladino decorated the jet with ancestral symbols, geometrical designs, and constellations, reminding us of the ever present celestial hub. Nicknamed Cacciatore di Stelle (Star Hunter), the Piaggia jet will be displayed at the Galleria Vittoria Emanuelle II along the 500 meters path in Milan from March 28th to April 11th, 2011. The exhibition will also display fifty of Paladino’s other personal artworks.

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