Pics – A diamond studded Fender that is inspired by the classic Kodak camera

You might have to pick your jaw off the ground after a glance at this impressive guitar from Fender. The Strat-shaped instrument has been named the Studioliner and is inspired by a 1930s Kodak camera. This Masterbuilt Prestige Studioliner guitar celebrates Fender Custom Shop’s 30th anniversary and is actually studded with 1000 diamonds and a few rubies to complement its red, black, and silver color scheme.

The guitar draws inspiration from a Kodak Bantam Special photo camera from 1936 which itself is a beautiful example of Art Deco design from Walter Dorwin Teague. The guitar along with its large sprinkling of diamonds also boasts some silverwork, Guilloche Enamel inlays and custom-made hardware. It is made from exhibition-grade wood and uses custom electronics and a custom Deco bridge.

Guitar collectors are going to be on this masterpiece like white on rice, and even though we don’t know the price yet we can promise you it’s not going to be cheap!


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