Pimp your crib with the Custom-installed Residential bowling Alleys

The best past-time or mind distraction medium for most folks has been the legendary Bowling game. But it always took an effort to get that ass up the couch and a ride to get to the Bowling Alley for a gratifying game. But if it didn’t take those two factors, you would certainly rate it as the best thing in all mankind, undoubtedly. A Florida based company called United Bowling installs a two-lane, full regulation length Bowling Alley in your home complete with genuine AMF and Brunswick equipment like pin stackers and ball returns. All you need is a minimal area of 88ft length, 12feet width with a 10-foot ceiling. This high degree up-gradation certainly won’t come cheap, as it’s an $88,000 deal. But if I were stinking rich, I wouldn’t mind shelling out that kind of money for a good investment that gives me a better company for a lifetime, than any living being does.

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