Pininfarina Segno marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci with an exclusive collection of writing instruments

To commemorate the 500th death anniversary of the great Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci, Pininfarina Segno has created a whole collection of writing products and desk accessories inspired by the intuitions and studies of the Tuscan artist. Named Leonardo 500th, the exclusive line of products celebrates the genius of Leonardo da Vinci by paying tribute to his great inventions, concepts and his priceless contribution made to the field of science. At the center of the collection is Codex, which is inspired by Dan Brown’s bestseller “The Da Vinci Code” and is designed to retrace the steps of the “Cryptex” puzzle. Created out of aluminum and solid walnut wood, the handmade cylindrical instrument needs to fed with the right code to be accessed.

The Set Leonardo, on the other hand, is a kit that includes a booklet, a stone paper note, and Piuma – an Ethergraf styled tip, inspired by the da Vinci studies on the flight. It has a steel pedestal for the pen with a mirror finish that reflects the signature of Leonardo da Vinci. The Cambiano Box is a special edition that has two bases in cedar wood, decorated with a pattern of Escherian inspiration, which houses a Pininfarina Cambiano stylus with Ethergraf tip and one with an ink ballpoint tip. Completing the collection are two exclusive Pininfarina Cambiano versions. The first one is Pininfarina Cambiano Silver Luxury Edition, a stylus entirely in 925 silver created through Additive Manufacturing technique. The surface is decorated by geometrical structures explored by Leonardo da Vinci in his studies on the quadrature of the circle. The second one is Pininfarina Cambiano Leonardo Drawing that reconstructs his famous Self-portrait according to the expanding pattern of a logarithmic spiral, a universal symbol of perfection.

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