Pleasurecraft: a clumsy lovers guide to winning his love

The latest in luxury items for wooing your love is here; the awesome new Pleasurecraft. The Pleasurecraft is a vehicular kit that choreographs gesture and landscape to produce an outing full of splendor and romance. The kit comes equipped with pillows and a Champagne cooler that will definitely make you a hit with your date. If you get nervous around your date and start acting like a klutz, just look at the manual and follow the simple instructions. From instructions to combing the mustache to the time for uncorking the champagne bottle the manual guides you through it all.

To add to that perfect setting the pleasurecraft comes with a built-in water wheel, perfectly calibrated to the RPM of the River Seine. Sounds perfect don’t it? So go ahead serenade your loved one and enjoy a lifetime of pleasures.
Via – Designlaunches

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