Pokemon-chasers drive around Nurburgring in BMW M3, because you gotta catch ’em all

Leave the city circles and parks alone; the real quest for Pokemon will be truly lived up to in an area where you seldom find strollers. How about the Nurburgring circuit in Germany? No one’s slowing down there to grab some imaginary pocket monsters. Though, what they are doing is raising the stakes to land upon some really rare Pokemon, which, with some luck, they could gain.

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By ‘they,’ we mean the duo of YouTube sensation Boosted Boris and Green Hell resident racer Dale Lomas. The duo distributed duties of driving and peering into a smartphone to catch ‘em all. They huddled up into a BMW M3 Ring Taxi and set off on their non-childish quest for Pokemon. Of course, they did find their money’s worth but not without risking it. Slowing down in the ring could be rather perilous, with most of the other drivers stretching their legs; it is a racetrack after all. But the expertise and familiarity of the track with Mr. Lomas on board did a lot to bolster confidences.

The 13-mile expanse offered a duo numerous opportunities to pick the Pokemon that they were destined to collect, and it went down without significant incident. This was quite a thrill and threw into light the many possibilities of people finding Pokemon in the unlikeliest places. Do make sure that if it is a race track, there is another pair of eyes to assist you.

[ Via : Bmwblog ]

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