PokerMate is the coolest thing around for all poker lovers

I’m not the one to promote gambling, but we all know how much fun poker can be(and no I’m not even talking about the strip version of it). For all those poker lovers out there, you don’t have to go through the dilemma of choosing to play in a casino or online. It is now possible to combine these two styles of play through PokerMate. You have the option of getting one of these machines in 6-, 8-, or 10-seat versions along with a touchscreen for each player. Nothing like the atmosphere of a casino, but convenience of a virtual game. The PokerMate is wired to deal cards, calculate pots (and side pots) and rake, and keep track of everyone’s chips without any glitches.

A special feature of this machine which will be loved by the lazy and overly discreet is that when you’re dealt your cards, all you do is tap on the screen to curl the corners so you can see what you’ve got. Extremely convenient, isn’t it? So, put on your best poker faces and go flirt with your luck and skills at one of these PokerMates.

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