Police digs out 31-diamond studded guns owned by a drug cartel boss

Now I’ve seen it all. I had a feeling that the drug mafia loves bling, but this is just too much! A raid by the Mexican Police uncovered 31 diamond-studded guns belonging to a drug cartel boss, as per reports from the attorney general’s office. The statement from the federal agency states that the “31 gold – and silver-plated handguns of varying caliber studded with diamonds and engraved with the name ‘Lobo Valencia.'” The raid also caught four rifles, 700 rounds of ammunition, 200 grams of marijuana, jewelry, and documents belonging to one Oscar Orlando Nava Valencia.

Valencia is not a listed drug boss than Mexican law enforcement, but a right-hand man of Joaquin Guzman, who tops the most wanted list. The list, which comprises 24 names, offers $2.4 million if they are turned in.

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