Old Porsche engine cylinders recycled into suave bottle coolers, priced at $730 a pop

What makes Porsche’s exactly what they are? For one, these legendary cars have always been a class apart from the rest for as long as the automobile industry and we car aficionados can remember. That apart, Porsche’s are known to be sophisticated, fast, and well ahead of their times. Recently, we spotted this exclusive bottle cooler made from the recycled insides of a decommissioned Porsche. The cooler is literally sculpted from an original ribbed cylinder taken out of early air-cooled 911 models, making it a unique and must-have collectible for Porsche fans and owners. This recycled cooler comes with an anodized aluminum base and has a Porsche Crest inscribed.

The bottle cooler was designed with Porsche Engineering Services GmbH and is an official piece of Porsche merchandise. Priced at £450 apiece (approximately $730), this bottle cooler is part of the Porsche Driver’s Selection. The German automaker seems to have come up with an extremely pleasant way to use old car parts and give fans a chance to own Porsche memorabilia without blowing apart their pockets and wallets. Keep your drinks cool at all times and away from harm’s way as the October heat finally begins to subside with this Porsche bottle cooler!

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[Available at Porsche]

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