Portable Sauna Box warms up with an iPod stereo and electric guitar

Camping is no longer about surviving the wilderness, slowly but surely luxury has started to make it’s way into campsites for example through these LV Binoculars, Tentanic, Podhouse and a bejeweled flashlight. The latest addition to this list is a self sufficient shipping container Sauna Box that is a traditional wood-burning sauna built into an 8 ft. mini-shipping container. Powered by a built in stove, the sauna also has a rooftop solar panel to provide electricity for music and lights. This sauna from Castor Designs was first seen in 2005 and since then has been successively improved upon with the latest one containing an iPod stereo, an electric guitar hook up, a castor stool and a magnetic truck light. Castor can customize the container sauna to your personal specifications with each sauna being entirely self-sufficient.

This off grid unit not only revolutionizes luxury camping but also gives you access to luxury in your backyard. It can be bought for just $41,000 and can be placed in your back yard or at your cabin or maybe even on the roof of your house.

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[Mattermatters Via – Inhabitat]