Posh Noodle launched by Harrods raises the status bar of this basic snack

Touted to be a perfect example of geek food, the Pot Noodle goes the luxurious way. Cheap and easy-to-prepare noodle and sauce snacks, provided in plastic pots with a foil lid, Pot Noodle is by far the most successful heated snack in the UK. But in the hope to woo the richer class too, Harrods has launched the luxury Pot Noodle – Posh Noodle. Just 100 of these Poulet et Champignon-flavoured snacks will be made…..hence enhancing its exclusivity factor. Each one will be sold in a hand-flocked and gold-leafed pot, complete with your very own fork and table linen.

For £30, you definitely cannot say that it’s the next best thing next to sliced bread.