Thing you never knew existed – A $975 set of chopsticks from Prada

Why be plebian when you can be Prada? The next time your heart desires sushi, your hand should reach out for the Chopstick Dining Set by Prada. Imagine how refined one can look sitting in Nobu dining on a fancy meal with Prada chopsticks in one hand and bubbly in another. The stowaway stainless steel chopsticks are perfect for germophobes (basically everybody in a post-pandemic world) and fashionistas alike. They come with the Prada logo in metal enhanced with white enamel at the base of the soft carry case. The white Re-Nylon case is versatile and functional, with a screw fastening for storage.

The carry pouch can store your Prada sunnies when the chopsticks are in the dishwasher. The case measures 16 x 7 cm, while the chopsticks with screw fastening measure 23cm (please do not as how they will fit in the smaller case). The elegant Prada chopstick dining set is made in Italy and can be purchased from their website for an eye-watering $975.

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The chopsticks are certainly expensive when compared to the free-for-use plastic versions provided at restaurants. But it makes much more sense as a product than the $660 basketball in a Saffiano leather carry case.

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