Prepare yourself for the doomsday with the $10 million Doom Bunker

Some people took Hollywood too seriously, especially believing movies like 2012 and the day after tomorrow. What else would explain the need for $10 million a piece for a doomsday bunker? At least that’s what the California based company Vivos would like you to consider. And as an extension of their marketing finesse, the website also features a 2012 countdown clock! Talking about the bunker, the company has generously and with the influence of religion made an offer to house 4,000 people in 20 bunkers. The bunkers themselves come equipped with power generation, water wells, filtration systems, sewage disposal, a year’s supply of food, security devices, and medical equipment. The company makes the apocalyptic sound very cheerful and has taken the pains to remind the not-so-happy campers to thank for saving their lives. There are Vivos logos everywhere, including all the communal dining room screens. Roll over for the video…….

Maybe these agnostics will have a hearty laugh at your expense because several of the UNs climate reports have been disastrous, to say the least. Let me warn you, though, if you do pump in all your hard-earned money here, you are staring at the doom in the eye!

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