Preposterous – Burj Khalifa themed bottled water that sells for $190

Danish inventor Tayseer Hadi said: “It suddenly hit me that I’d make water in the shape of the Burj Khalifa”. And so, in the run to the Expo 2020, Dubai will become a world-first once again as it presents the most expensive water bottle and the world’s tallest crystal bottle – a Burj Khalifa-themed water bottle. This diamond and platinum encrusted bottle will cost AED 700 – that is $190. These bottles, sized up to 750ml, will be ‘made of K9 crystal, platinum and diamond-encrusted, and will feature LED lights, giving liquid inside a blue glow’.

Twenty-five percent of profits made from the sales of these bottles will go to Emirates Noble Palms, a charity founded by the inventor. He hopes to have these bottles displayed at The Dubai Mall and the airport. It took him three years (eh?) to design it. The launch will be spectacular; because … “he bills it to be the world’s ‘first water bottle charity event’, in which the world’s most expensive charity water bottle – a fully platinum version of the Burj Khalifa bottle covered with one-carat diamonds and covered in sparkling diamond dust – will be auctioned off for charity, alongside three solid gold bottles.” The race to be the first in the world to be the first in everything continues.

[ Via : Theworld-Aroundus ]

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