Promoted Tweets costing $100,000 assures better coverage on twitter

They say there are no free lunches in life. So while you decided to keep a tab on your favorite celebrities on the micro-blogging website Twitter, the site itself is planning big time how to create a revenue model to keep the ball rolling. And the Wall Street Journal reports a few hand-picked 30 special clients will be awarded Promoted Tweets, which will cost them close to $100,000. This exclusive client list boasts of names like PepsiCo, Best Buy and Virgin America.

While the first two have declined to re-run the offer, Virgin America, along with several other clients, credit the service for their fifth-highest sales day ever. How does it work? Well, when a Twitter search is done, these results appear on top of the list. In the future, the ads will target specific users based on their tweet content. Statistics show that 90 million tweets are posted daily, with over 160 million registered users globally. On average, 375,000 new users sign up daily, making the offer quite lucrative.

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