Queen Elizabeth II has also become a Wii addict

I was taken aback by this bit of juicy news of the Royal family of Britain. No, the story doesn’t revolve around the late Diana’s affairs but it’s her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, and her elder son Prince William. A U.K. publication The People has reported that all in the world, it’s the Queen who has got addicted to none other than the most sought after game, Nintendo Wii. The 81-year-old royal got a hold of a Wii console that belonged to her eldest grandson Prince William and enjoys the Wii Bowling the most. Prince William, meanwhile, “was in fits of laughter,” but allegedly will have a tough time prying the console away from his grandmother. Cannot blame her as its hard to resist Wii. Touted as this Christmas’s must-have gift, it was William’s girlfriend Kate who has gifted him this game this season.

Exhibiting excellent hand-eye co-ordination as good as somebody half her age, for her age, the Queen is impressively tech-savvy as she has a cell phone since 2001, a BlackBerry since last year, and listens to an iPod regularly.