Super-sized Gold-Leaf Lawn Ornaments will bling up your green patch

If you are looking for exceptional Christmas decorations for the festive season, and bling is on your mind, then the thing you need is up for grabs now! Huge-sized gold-leaf lawn ornaments are now on sale, and if you act fast, they will not only cost you lesser but also come by sooner. Designed by Design Solutions the company also boasts of doing up high-profile locations like Bellagio Resort, Las Vegas, the Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, and the Rockefeller Center. Priced at $20,000 (originally retailed at $40,000 a pair, the sale ends today) a pair of these gold ornaments weight 300 pounds.

The bigger one measures eight feet in diameter, while the smaller one measures four feet in diameter. Act fast if you want a pair for yourself!
[OneKingsLane] Via – [BusinessInsider]

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