Rare Louis XIII Cask with vintage cognac by Harrods

If you can have cognac by the cask, why would you bother with bottles and cellars right? If that’s the direction your mind is thinking, don’t waste any more time! Rush to the Harrods as they finally launched the rare Louis XIII Cask. What makes this high-quality brandy rare is the blend of twelve hundred eaux-de-vie aged for almost a 100 years. What makes the aroma and intensity of the cognac richer is the combination of wild mushrooms and underwood notes, spicy tones gingerbread, wax, nuts and mint. Each cask is packaged in a black crystal Baccarat decanter, which has been hand crafted in every detail, and is individually numbered and housed in an embellished metal coffret.
Update – The rare Louis XIII Cask carries a tag of £11,750 ($18,500).

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