Ready to eat Caviar packed in stylish boxes

Pink champagne and caviar have been the most exclusive and opulent meal for many over the years. But if opulence is a way of life for you then some caviar in your picnic basket should be the order of the day right? If you enjoy good impromptu caviar snack every now and then, then the Kaviari’s ‘L’en-K de caviar’ is just the thing you need. The fashion friendly packs come in six flashy colors in flashy pink to sensous black containers and you can pick a box that matches your outfit for the day.

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The insulated pack can contains 15 grams of Ostreta caviar (€35 or $48) or Kristal (€40 or $55), and a tasting spoon for added convenience. All you need is a bubbling drink in your limousine and you are all good to go for a meal on wheels! For more details, click here.
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