Red Dead Redemption touted to be the world’s most expensive game ever created

Grand Theft Auto IV might soon have to concede its title of being the world’s most expensive game to Red Dead Redemption. The western epic game that recently hit stores is already a favorite with the gamers. And if reports are to believed the game could potentially be the most expensive game ever created. According to comments published in the Daily Mail, “makers Rockstar Games are thought to have spent up to $100million on the long-awaited project.” New York Times too joined in the debate and estimated the development costs “between $80 million and $100 million, according to industry executives”. This makes the new red Dead redemption game equal if not more expensive than Grand theft Auto IV. So, till the exact amount is released, Red Dead Redemption can be said to be the most expensive or second most expensive game ever created, according to estimates.

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Till the debate is settled, you can check out the list of the top ten most expensive games ever created.

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