Reebok celebrates women’s muscles with dramatic diamond-encrusted six pack abs

Sara Shakeel’s pretty and often thought provoking images are usually found on Instagram, but this this time the body positive artist has chosen a fresh new medium to show off her work. For her latest project, she has covered CrossFitGames athlete Jamie Greene’s enviable six-pack abs with glittering crystals. Shakeel and Greene who is also a CrossFit coach were roped in by Reebok to be a part of their latest campaign and in the process created an empowering message about women’s bodies and fitness.

“What I can do with art regarding women who work out is to let women know that muscles are beautiful and accepting and [to] embrace it,” Sara said in a promotional video, “Making them feel strong from the inside as well as from the outside.”

Their message goes against the common belief that defined muscles are unattractive on women. Jamie urges women to be comfortable in their own bodies saying, “I believe that women should be confident in whatever skin they have. Muscles, stretch marks, anything along those lines. Be proud of it. Rock it.”

“Sara’s idea of putting this sort of glitter and diamantes and sort of glamming up females in whatever way they want it’s just emphasizing the beauty that’s already there and I think it’s a really good idea,” she added.


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