Remy Martin Louis XIII miniature gets an exclusive diamond-studded makeover

A wine that has been aged for time immemorial holds a lot of value in the material world. But that’s not the only thing that can make aged wine precious. Take a hint from Rémy Martin. The latest Rémy Martin Louis XIII miniature doubles up as an exotically bejeweled keepsake as well! While the original Rémy Martin Louis XIII 5ml miniatures were made for the launch of Louis XIII Jeroboam, the new entrant designed by Money Mike the Jeweler from M&J Jewelry will knock your socks off. Albeit the cognac is currently sold out, the stunning new crystal mini-bottle has been done up in gold and diamonds.

The one-off piece on display sports 27 carats of diamonds in yellow and black hues. The bottle is touted to be the world’s most expensive Louis XIII miniature, and considering that the original was worth $550, you can see how!
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