Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Black Pearl for the true connoisseur

Only seven hundred and eighty six connoisseurs worldwide will be able to savor the great taste of a rare Cognac. Rémy Martin is set to release the Louis XIII Black Pearl. This rare cognac has been aged to perfection. The decanters that the Louis XIII will be kept in are made from hand-blown crystal. Traditionally Rémy Martin has been issuing limited-edition decanters for collectors of premium spirits since 1569, and Louis XIII Black Pearl only pays tribute to the original Louis XIII decanter. In the perfect light, the decanter appears to be smoky black and silver, reflecting the hues of a black pearl. Only 786 decanters can be culled from one tier (the term for oak barrels used by Rémy Martin to age Louis XIII) and the tier C100-29 is one of the oldest barrels with the Rémy Martin family and the Louis XIII is drawn from here. Advance invitations have been sent to an elite few to come and make one of the Louis XIII Black Pearl decanters their own. However, the commoners can try their luck after 1 st of March and snap up one (if any of the 786 are left) for their private collection.

Priced at about $8000, the unsold decanters will be available at leading liquor stores at a later date for the general public. For a full tour of “this crown jewel in the Rémy Martin portfolio”, do check out the site.

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