Renovations at Tehran’s museum of art led to the finding of 10 Picasso paintings

The management of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art was recently in for a shock of their lives. Unknowingly, Iran’s historical landmark has been home to few of America and Europe’s most iconic art collections over the past three decades.

The impressive collection of artwork has been housed in the museum’s basement and is finally going to be open to the public. Finally, the museum is planning to display the artwork that has been a hidden gem for so long.

Come February 2019, the museum will accommodate the exhibition for a month, which is titled “Portrait, Still-life, Landscape.” An inexhaustible collection of up to 500 works from the museum’s collection, displaying Western and Middle Eastern art alongside one another will be showcased.

Only after a few recent renovations, did the museum discover this in-house treasury. While curators had previously known about two of Picasso’s works housed in storage, an additional ten were found, all of which will be on display during the February exhibition.

We hear the “Portrait, Still-life, Landscape” exhibition will not travel to any other country.


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