Rest in luxury at Korea’s luxurious San Diego Hills Memorial Park

Indonesians who have vowed to live and die in luxury can be assured that their vow with luxury will be kept even in death. Sprawling over 1,240 acres is Indonesia’s San Diego Hills Memorial Park, one of the most luxurious cemetery’s in the world. Opened in 2007, this cemetery, inspired by the Forest Lawn chain of U.S. cemeteries San, was dreamed up by billionaire property developer Mochtar Riady. Beating the Hollywood chain of cemeteries when it comes to luxury, this Indonesian graveyard boasts of amenities such as sports facilities, an Italian restaurant called La Colina, a small-scale replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, a human-made Lake of Angels that’s dotted with rowboats on weekends and a helicopter landing pad! Ironically, this memorial park even hosts wedding parties.

The plush cemetery has already sold 14,000 plots, and there’s room for a total of 1 million bodies. A resting place for the well-heeled few, the entry price is reportedly a cool 9.5 million rupiah, with the most expensive memorials costing 8 billion rupiahs.
This luxurious memorial park has definitely turned out into a profitable project for its founders.

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