Rhodium Birdfish guitar features at MB&F M.A.D.Gallery, Geneva

MB&F M.A.D. Gallery located at the heart of Geneva has many intriguing and amazingly awe-inspiring machines to its credit. A recent addition is the “Rhodium Birdfish,” a beautifully handcrafted modular electric guitar featuring a two-piece aluminum body, interchangeable wooden tone bars, headless maple neck, and sliding pickups that can be swapped in seconds. This guitar showcasing an exceptionally unique form, unlike the conventional types, is a creative expression by Ulrich Teuffel.

Ulrich crafts most of his guitar components by hand, using classic materials. He gives form to most of his creations at his Bavarian atelier and is very precise with every aspect of the making and revels in every single step of the process, which is hugely time-consuming. This is probably the reason why only 10 bird fish guitars are created each year.

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The Birdfish that follows an unorthodox form gets its name from two central elements – the ‘bird’ and the ‘fish’ – both carved from a solid block of acoustically-optimal aluminum. The tone bars, pickups, and neck are all attached to the ‘bird’ and the ‘fish’ while the control unit – with a five-way switch like that of a classic 1950s guitar – forms the head of the ‘bird.’

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The cylindrical tone bars are aligned sideways from the middle of the guitar to provide a percussive, twangy attack. The model in MB&F’s M.A.D. The gallery is a Rhodium Prodigy Birdfish, which has quilted maple-wood tone bars, caged bird’s eye maple neck, and is priced at CHF 18’500 (approx. $20,000) including Swiss VAT.

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