Rich Chinese splurge thousands on hunting endangered species

China is emerging as the new superpower in the world of luxury. And all the surplus cash-flow invites some immoral activities too. A Chinese hunting club in Beijing has offered trips to Africa or North America at 500,000 yuan ($79,377) per person. Under this package, members can shoot down polar bears or other animals using rifles or bows and arrows. However, the above amount covers only your accommodation, hunting permits, local guides, and other services. To hunt specific animals, you need to fork out more money. But that isn’t stopping these barbaric Chinese rich people, with as many as 100 bookings completed and more coming in already.

Established by an American of Chinese origin, you need to undergo special training to enter the club. While hunting licenses are restricted, booking for the Chinese is available as most of these animals are protected. As for the cost of hunting, a male lion or polar bear is $50,000; a female lion is $15,000, while the rhino is most expensive at $100,000.
While the owner post an online outrage, vouches for the legality of the business, I fail to understand why to kill endangered animals. Considering these are the richest Chinese of the lot, why not spent to protect them instead?
[Via MicGadget]

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