Riedel Cobra Verde decanter towers over 3 feet

Wine enthusiasts are in for more indulgence. In its 250 years of glassware manufacturing, Riedel has launched mouth-blown crystal decanters for magnum-sized wine bottles for the first time. The Riedel Cobra Verde decanter’s snakelike shape produces a powerful double-decanting vacuum that accelerates the aeration process for significantly aged or cellared wines. The limited-edition serpentine-shaped decanters were released earlier in May and stand at 3 feet tall. The company’s first commercial design is to feature Venetian-colored glass in a green ribbon of rippled crystal that winds from its spout down to its coiled base.

Only 555 decanters Cobra Verde decanters costing $1000 each have been made to remember the 55th anniversary of the reopening of its headquarters in Kufstein, Austria, following World War II, and every piece in the series bears the reproduced signature of Claus J. Riedel, the ninth-generation Riedel who reopened the factory.
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