Robert Warhol’s art collection worth millions stolen in Los Angeles

An Art heist worth millions of dollars has taken place in Los Angeles. According to police reports, a collection of paintings by Andy Warhol has been stolen from the home of Los Angeles businessman and art collector Richard Weisman. The stolen paintings include well-known works by the artist in the 1970s depicting famous athletes like boxing great Muhammad Ali, tennis champion Chris Evert, Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill, and former football star O.J. Simpson. Besides these famous works, the robbers even stole a portrait of Weisman done by Warhol. Weisman was not home at the burglary, which was reported by a housemaid to the police who noticed the paintings missing on September 3.

The silk-screen works, which each measure 40 inches square, hang on Weisman’s dining room walls. Police further report that there was no sign of forced entry into the home. The robbers, however, didn’t steal anything else and even left some other paintings by Warhol. So shattered is an anonymous donor by this theft of the priceless collection that he has offered a reward of $1million for their return.
I doubt this reward will lure the robbers, but I am hopeful that the Los Angeles police are successful in nabbing the thieves.

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