RoboVault: Protects your valuables and expensive wheels from hurricanes

Locals in South Florida can now heave a sigh of relief as their valuables, including their most expensive wheels, can be protected from the harsh effects of hurricanes and storms. Ft. Lauderdale’s RoboVault that opened earlier this year, promises to be the perfect heaven for your wheels when Mother Nature unleashes her fury. RoboVault is a wholly enclosed robotic retrieval and storage system. The RoboVault building can withstand Category 5 hurricanes and 200-mph winds. Just drive inside the concrete-and-steel-reinforced building and place your car on the pallet. After the system has identified you with retinal scanning, heartbeat detection, and biometric recognition, an automated arm will remove your vehicle to your assigned container. What is more, the RoboVault also features safe deposit boxes and a wine cellar for 4,000 bottles! There is also a business center, a wine tasting lounge, and a valet service that will retrieve your car if you call ahead.

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When hit by a hurricane, a large scale power outage will be neutralized by RoboVault’s back-up generator. It maintains 100% of the building’s electrical operations for two weeks, including the motion detectors and infrared alarms.
Thus, you can rest assured that all your valuables are safe and sound even in the worst climatic conditions. The most secure space for your valuables, including cars, the RoboVault promises to protect your belongings from hurricanes, storms as well as thieves.

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