Romeo renders robotic love for elderly for a steep price

Elderly homes are passé, and ironically it is now time for newer ways to keep your old parents happy, contented and safe – with kind-faced, steel-plated, human-made electronic robots. French designers Aldebaran Robotics has come up with another one of their robotic brilliance – Romeo – a robot designed to ‘help’ the elderly. Romeo has got articulated feet, a complete exoskeleton, a four-vertebra backbone, and speech recognition, but no skin or muscle, alas! He can recognize signs of need and help required by the elderly and offer his untarnished services.

In some parts of the world, getting domestic help or a home nurse is extremely difficult, what with the world becoming more educated and ambitious. No amount of money can get someone caring and dedicated to genuinely helping out your elderly grandma or aunt or great uncle. So this French guy comes in handy in providing unaltered attention to the ones you love at the cost of just about $330,000. Money cannot really buy love, but maybe this little (heavy) Robot might prove wrong. He is available on ‘sale’ from March.

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