Rose, C’est Paris: Limited edition book on Paris comes housed in an exquisite case

Many have tried to capture the essence of the city of Paris, which is till date considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Home to the Eiffel Tower and said to be the fashion capital of the world, this city is also one of the most expensive ones in the world. And who better than a French to capture the different nuances of this city of dreams. Bettina Rheims, a French photographer has presented the various aspects of this city in a book titled Rose, C’est Paris. Produced by Rheims and Serge Bramly, this book is said to boast of “equal parts erotica, fashion shoot, art monograph, metaphysical mystery, social and cultural archaeology of the French capital, and neo-noir art house film”. Celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Michelle Yeoh, Monica Bellucci, Charlotte Rampling, and Azzedine Alaia have been featured in this unique book. What is more, the book comes residing in an exquisite retro attaché case. Besides the book, the case houses a rose, a mask, an Eiffel Tower statuette, a booklet and a DVD.

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A limited edition offering it boasts of a $1000 price tag and promises to make for a unique souvenir of the city of Paris.