Rosso Corsa Ferrari business card holder for Ferrari buffs

He who knows passion, power, and beauty loves red……..the color that symbolizes Ferrari. And Rosso Corsa Ferrari’s business card holder from them is just another way to flaunt your love for Ferrari. Because business card holders are becoming as individual as you are. First impressions mean a lot, so even the little flourish of pulling a business card out of an exclusive leather case speaks volumes about who you are. The Rosso Corsa Ferrari business card holder is a piece of great value entirely made from red lacquered wood. Drenched in trademark Ferrari red, the holder features mahogany tan leather and Alcantara lining. The metal and enamel Ferrari Trademark are on the front.

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Exclusively handcrafted in Italy, you can order it here for € 150 ($215). Dimensions- 12 x 13.5 x 4 cm.