Royal wedding guests are selling their gift bags for thousands of dollars on eBay

So, what if you weren’t invited to the Royal wedding! Thanks to some rather opportunistic guests at the ceremony, you can now have the giveaways of the grand day for yourself! Yes, that’s right. Moments after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marriage and up until now, e-bay is being flooded with bids that are offering the Royal gifts in all sorts of packages.

The bags were given to 2,640 members of the public who were invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle on Saturday May 19. Close to 34 bag recipients have now listed these goodies on e-bay, for prices ranging anywhere between £112 (around $150) all the way up to £10,100 (approximately $13,552). While the highest priced listing (with over 50 bids) is described as a “limited once in a lifetime opportunity to have a piece of royal history”, another post reads, “Buy a piece of history and memorabilia to celebrate a momentous special day for Britain and the royal family.”

The bag, a tote with the initials “HM” plus the date and venue of the wedding, contains an order of service booklet, a commemorative fridge magnet, a gold chocolate coin, a tub of “handbag shortbread”, a postcard, a bottle of spring water and a 20 percent off voucher for the Windsor Castle gift shop. So, if you’d like to own a gift bag from the royal wedding, head to e-bay today! After all royalty is worth something, even if its second handed!


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