Royal Mint rolls out a one kilo gold coin to mark the Royal Wedding

It must be Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s most important day in their lives but also for many other thousands who are a little insane and obsessed with the royal nuptials. For such folk, a magnificent coil unveiled by the Royal Mint would be the ideal icon of remembrance. To educate – The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom is the body permitted to manufacture, or mint, coins in the United Kingdom. It is a massive coin with 100mm diameter and in 22-carat gold. This exclusive piece is meant to be really, really special, and so only 40 of them are made – which means order now if you are lucky. It is made of one kilo gold and costs £40000 ($66,705) and is the first time in the Royal Mint that such coins have been made to celebrate a Royal Wedding day. Of course, the coin features the couple.

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