Royal Mint unveils first ever UK Gold Kilo coin for London 2012 Games

It’s been an Olympic tradition since Helsinki, 1952 and as the 2012 London Olympic race starts, it’s time for a special gold and silver coin to make its comeback in a new avatar. This year the Gold and silver coins have been designed by Sir Anthony Caro and ping-pong ace Tom Phillips. While you can actually spend the money as they are legally tendered, I don’t really think that that is why you would want to buy it to start with.

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Launched by the Royal Mint the one kilo heavy coins will sport face value of £500 ($775) and £1,000 ($1,555) respectively that, however, is not their sale price. The limited to 2012 coins, the Silver version will cost you £3,000 ($4665), while the 60 gold coins will cost you £100,000 ($155,535).Click here for details.

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