Royal Salute unveils exclusive whiskey for the top brass in China

After luxury, art and Rolls-Royce, the Chinese seem to take over the spirits market by storm now. Brewed specially for Chinese authorities, this aged Scotch whisky from Royal Salute was launched recently. Flavored with a strong, smoky aroma with high alcohol content, this brew may not be straightforward to digest by most people worldwide, but the flavors fit the Asian palette well. Each of the whiskies in the spirit was picked by Colin Scott, master blender at the Royal Salute, and each of them has aged for at least a good 40 years. The brew is sold in a Dartington Crystal handmade decanter, spotting a Royal Salute crest painted in 24-carat gold plating on the collar, and the bottle is finished with a crystal stopper set featuring a 24-carat0 gold plated crown. Each bottle is priced at $2,707.

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