RS Foosball Table

I have a confession to make; I am a terrible Foosball player. Ever since I saw Joey and Chandler play Foosball in FRIENDS, I too wanted one of the tables for my pad. I went out and got one, but whenever my pals came across to play, they would beat the hell out of me. Maybe you find better luck with the RS Foosball Table. Made from inox metal, this table was a Delta Awards Finalist (a recognition of fine design in Spain). It’s so exclusive that it is available through a special online order. If you are as sloppy as Joey then you need not fret cause it’s easy to maintain the hand painted players and table; just wipe them clean with a soft cloth. The teams can be customized as per your specification.

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The RS Foosball Table costs $4,600. The dimensions are: W44.5 x D59 x H38 in