Russian jeweler sells the world’s most expensive fidget spinner at $ 16,000

Would you purchase a $16,000 priced-fidget spinner? Well, Russian jeweller Caviar has launched a selection of pricey toys and this forms part of the fancy collection. Of course, the lavish toy reeks of fine gold, however less extravagant options are available.

Interestingly enough, Vladimir Putin-themed iPhones, as well as special-edition Donald Trump iPhone 7 cases form part of their out-of-the-box collection.

At 999,000 RUB (USD 16,000) the Caviar Spinner Full Gold is unquestionably set to be the most expensive fidget spinner in the world. More reasonable options include the Caviar Spinner Diamonds which entails precious gems for 99,000 RUB (USD 1,300), although fidget fans can opt for one adorned with the Russian flag for 15,000 RUB (USD 250).

Another option on the table is the Caviar Spinner Carbon which has been crafted from zinc, coated with PVD and decorated with a skull – with the sellers saying the metal will “influence testosterone” in men.

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Caviar, which has also made special watches to celebrate Putin’s birthday, pledges to donate some of the profits from sales to charity.


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