Russian Priest receives flak for showcasing luxurious lifestyle on Instagram

When you think of a priest, you’d instantly imagine a man in white robes or at the least a dressed-down attire. However, to our (and much of Instagram’s) surprise, a particular pastor from Russia wears and owns a couple of luxury possessions that he has been gladly flaunting on his Social Media account.

Named Vyacheslav Baskakov, the priest belongs to the Tver region near Moscow and has recently sparked controversy for posing in expensive attire including a Louis Vuitton signature handbag and Gucci shoes. He was quick to take the posts down from his account, however outraged Instagrammers reposted them soon enough to grab the attention of the Russian Orthodox church. The religious authority is currently investigating the actions of Baskakov and may soon reprimand him for cause. Earlier in 2012, the head of Russia’s Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill was also condemned for wearing an expensive Breguet wristwatch in photos.

However, commenting on Baskakov’s recent profanities, Alexander Volkov, a spokesman for Patriarch Kirill, said: “The life of a priest cannot be divided between the personal and public and no clergyman can act like a priest in a church from the morning until lunch and then be whoever he wants from lunch until evening.” Baskakov on the other hand has pleaded sorry, saying he would, “Suffer penance and shut down the Instagram, since I can’t behave myself humbly and appropriately.” So much for leading a simple life!


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