Russian Billionaire buys Adolf Hitler’s Mercedes

Many items belonging to Adolf Hitler are known to surface at various auctions and sales and fetch insurmountable sums. A Russian billionaire is the latest member to join the league of folks who own memorabilia related to the Nazi dictator. The unnamed billionaire recently shelled out a few million dollars to purchase a Mercedes used by Adolf Hitler. The car’s salesman, Michael Froehlich, said that he was contacted a few months ago, a representative of the wealthy businessman, eager to find out what happened to the “770K” blue once used by Hitler.

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After weeks of searching, the dealer learned that the car was in Austria at the end of World War II, and later moved to the Classic Car Museum in Las Vegas and then in the hands of a Bavarian beer magnate. After the beer magnate died in 2008, his widow decided to sell the iconic car. The Russian buyer arrived in Germany on a private jet to seal the deal.
Ironically, Hitler’s car now resides in Moscow, a place the Nazi dictator was never able to arrive, despite his troops’ efforts.

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